Sunday, 11 September 2011

How To Avoid Getting Ripped Off By Limo Service Companies

Limousine services become a weekly use for more and more people, especially for the ones who travel a lot to and from the airports and that's because it offers luxury, safe and reliable transportation for almost the same prices like cabs, but some Chicago limousine service companies try to rip off customers, especially out of state travelers.

If you find yourself in need of a limo one day, there are some things you should know before making a reservation to avoid being ripped off by some limo service companies. First of all, there is no sales tax on limousine service, this will apply if you rent a limo in Chicago or anywhere in Illinois, I'm not sure about other states since I work for a limousine company in Chicago. But they can charge you for fuel, tolls, airport tax ($2.00 for ORD or MDW), parking, etc.

If you don't rent a limo on a hourly basis, let's say you need it for a pick up/drop off service, make sure that you are on time otherwise you'll be charged waiting time after 10-15 minutes of the initial pick up time. If you show up late, they should charge you in 15 minutes increments for the waiting time, anything more than that is what we consider a rip off, for example you came out late 25 minutes after the pick up time, you should be charged only 15 minutes waiting time, the first 10-15 minutes should be free, but some limousine companies will try to charge you for an entire hour. A good limo service will charge you in 15 minutes increments.

More and more customers think that beverages are included in the rate, but in fact they are provided by your chauffeur in most cases. Make sure you ask your reservation agent if the limo comes with a stocked mini bar or not, usually they are complimentary for weddings and other hourly limousine service rental. If you have special beverages requests, there would be an extra charge.

Other charges that may occur during a limo service rental because of your negligence: breaking glasses, windows or anything inside or outside the limo; vomiting or excessive mess; spills, scratches or stains; playing with the electrical controls which will cause a malfunction.

I hope that I gave you enough information on how to avoid extra charges when renting a limo and how to recognize a good limousine service.

Make sure you choose a good Chicago limo company for your Chicago limousine transportation needs.


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